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Egypt (NTRA certification)
According to relevant regulations, the Egyptian National Telecommunications Authority (NTRA) promulgated, all communications equipment in Egypt including the use of terminal equipment, radio communication equipment and other units are required to obtain NTRA Type Approval [1].
1, the product range
All communication equipment used in Egypt must be NTRA Type Approval. include:
(1) Terminal Equipment
Various types of telephones
Fax (voice connecting device)
Plug-in / payphones
LPU (line protection)
Various types of public / private switch
GSM mobile stations and telephone
(2) The radio communication apparatus:
Radio transmission / reception device
Satellite communications equipment
cordless phone
Radar apparatus
(3) All indoor / outdoor, limited / Wireless IT communication device.
2, who need to apply NTRA Type Approval
Anyone initial supply of telecommunications equipment in the Egyptian market, firm or company. include:
Any manufacturing or assembly of local communications product manufacturer or its authorized institution;
Any overseas principal;
Locally registered organization on behalf of overseas interests of any client in.
3, NTRA Type Approval criteria used
NTRA approval including CE, FCC and international certification, including certification marks, which apply NTRA type approval of telecommunications equipment required to meet CE, FCC regulatory requirements, through the relevant standard test, to obtain a recognized certificate and affix the appropriate flag. On telecommunications equipment certification standards NTRA used in Table 1.
Table 1 NTRA Type Approval standards adopted
Standards organization
Telecom / Radio ETSI, ASA, FCC, ITU
Safety / Health CENELEC, IEC, ASA, UL, FCC
4, wireless terminal products NTRA certification
Wireless terminal products first consider the use of the band, it must comply with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Egypt radio spectrum allocation rules. CE, FCC for wireless terminal product certification vary based CE certified products comply with R & TTE Directive relevant harmonized standards on electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio, personal safety and obtain verification certificate or the opinion of the notified bodies (NB) book. Common harmonized standards are: audit certificate or submissions will indicate the product name, model, software and hardware version, use frequency, power, comply with the standards, test reports and technical documentation number, etc. FCC main consideration relates to compliance EMC, RF, physical security, based on FCC-certified products comply with the relevant provisions of 47 CFR Part 2, Part 22, Part 24 and other sections, apply for and obtain US telecommunications authorized institutions (TCB) of audit certificate.
5, telecommunications terminal products NTRA certification
Access to public telecommunication networks for telecommunications terminal products, CE certification the main consideration relates to electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, content performance, for example through harmonized standard EN 60950 -1, EN 55022, EN 55024, as well as TBR 21, TBR 38 and other interface performance testing standards. Authentication mode by way of corporate self-declaration or to obtain NB certificates. FCC main consideration electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and other aspects, need to comply with the relevant provisions of 47 CFR Part 68, for example, by TIA-968-A, such as testing, certification mode by way of business or self-declaration made TCB certificates.
6, type-approval application
Submit the application form at the Egyptian National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) website.
NTRA issued by the import / production license.
Detailed original cataloging, technical information and equipment specifications described in the system description.
Manufacturers declaration of conformity or accredited testing laboratory equipment in the telecommunications / radio, EMC, EMI, safety and health aspects of compliance with the relevant standards of the test report.
From the manufacturer's certificate of origin.
Type certification costs
Terminal equipment requires two samples for testing.
7. Type Certificate
(1) the competent authority when the device meets the following requirements, the same brand and model of the device is only issued a Type Certificate:
Applicants must meet the requirements of type-approval regulations
Telecommunications equipment meets all relevant requirements
(2) Type Certificate Certificate Holder marked, certified equipment, equipment meets the standard, manufacturers and manufacturers of origin.
(3) If you do not have to be certified by unauthorized modification of the device, the type-approval certificate no time limit.
Use (4) Type Certificate will not provide telecommunications services approved products licensed to other people, regulations and certificates only for the certificate holder to use. In any case require a permit or license of the Telecommunications Act No. 10/2003, the product should not be approved together.
8, factory inspection and pre-shipment inspection
Factory inspection certification program is the type of a ring, which means that the production site laboratory to check the relevant certificates and documents provided by the manufacturer when applying for testing and certification, as well as the application of the device. The certificate must comply with ISO quality system certificates recognized by the manufacturer, production and operation. Necessary laboratory to conduct review of the quality of the manufacturer's product consistency and quality testing capabilities.
Pre-shipment inspection refers to an authorized institution will arrange delivery verification before the factory inspection and testing and certification according to the results of the verification includes the proposed shipment of products and samples compliance, the number of samples and so on. If necessary, the authorized institution may intend to ship products related to testing to ensure that products meet the shipment of real and effective.
9, approved and issued by NTRA VOC product testing laboratory
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