Shenzhen Monica Testing & Certification Service Co., Ltd. is a professional third-party testing and certification consulting agency with many years of product testing and certification experience.The company provides professional, comprehensive, reliable, high-quality, one-stop testing for global customers. And certification services, comprehensively improve the production quality of customers and the international competitiveness of enterprises, avoid export risks, and reduce production costs.
The service product range includes information technology, home appliances, lamps, toys, textiles, food, machinery, power tools, radio and television audio, industrial, scientific, medical, automotive electronics, wireless products, etc. For manufacturers and exporters, according to the international standards of related products, improve and perfect the structural quality of certified products, complete the test in the shortest time and obtain the corresponding certification, so that customer products can successfully enter the international market. Can help customers directly conduct enterprise standard filing, quality inspection reports NCC, BQB, UL, GS, CB, CE, FCC, SAA, SASO, SONCAP, PSE, EK-mark, E-mark, FDA, VDE, CSA, CCC, BQB, JATE, TELEC, SRRC, ISO13485, ISO18000, TS16949, ISO9000, ISO22000, ISO27000, SA8000 system certification, explosion-proof certification, Brazil certification INMETRO Brazil safety certification; ANATEL certification. Australian SAI certification, and other project tests.
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